Africa Santé Action





1- Participation in the creation of a pediatric oncology centre

Every year, more than 90,000 children die of cancer worldwide.
Almost all of these children are cared for in developed countries compared to only 5% of children in African countries.

There are barriers to cancer management:
- Insufficient diagnostic services for early detection,
- Difficulty in accessing specialized health services
- Hospital under-equipment and lack of training of health care staff

of primary health care.

In Côte d'Ivoire, the paediatric oncology unit receives an average of 200 new cases per year from the local population, but also from countries in the sub-region that do not have a sufficient technical platform.
There is therefore an urgent need for immediate action to address childhood cancer.

Among these childhood cancers, acute leukemia, Burkitt lymphoma, retinoblastoma, nephroblastoma, brain tumours and malignant bone tumours are the most common.

It is in this perspective that AFRICA SANTE ACTION, in collaboration with the LIONS CLUB, proposes to participate in the creation of a pediatric oncology centre.


2- Creation of a conservatory of medicinal plants

-To develop and conserve the genetic resources of plants used in traditional and modern medicines.

-Participate in the safeguarding of our African natural heritage
-To make the greatest possible number of people discover the richness of this African heritage.


AFRICA SANTE EXPO is partnering with Lions Clubs International to build a three-classroom school with canteen, toilets, rest area, playground and fence to improve the daily life and well-being of these children.


3- Donation of medicines to the Pediatric Oncology Unit