or symposium dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry addresses the issue of the development of pharmaceutical industries in Africa. It is a platform for discussions and exchanges on various topics including industrialization policies, legal and regulatory contexts, production and supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients, equipment and technologies, skills training, standards and quality...



Improve access to quality, effective and safe products and care by securing the regional pharmaceutical market and industrialisation.


General objective :

Contributing to the development of the Pharmaceutical Industries in Africa, through a strategy of developing centers of excellence.


Specific objectives :

- Create the collaborative platform, bringing together industrialists, professionals and regulatory experts.
- Promote public-private, private-private and public-public partnership in the field of industry in order to mobilize the necessary resources for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Africa.


Sub-theme :

Turning threats into opportunities for efficient access to quality health products for populations, which will be developed around


Problems :

- What pharmaceutical industrialization strategies for the Continent?
- Governance, infrastructure, professional training, ... what kind of structural changes does the Continent need for the development of its pharmaceutical industry?
- What are the new opportunities to improve the attractiveness of the Continent?