or Symposium dedicated to the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical sectors which are: Biopharmacy, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Parapharmacy, Cosmetics, Biology, Research, Merchandising, Bioethics, Logistics, Services, Packagings and Traditional Medicine?
Pharmaceutical innovation improves the health, well-being and access to medicines of populations. Emerging and other countries alike wish to be active partners in the search for sustainable solutions to their health problems.




is therefore a platform for discovery, information, training, sharing, exchange and updating of knowledge on technological advances in terms of improving the performance and quality of the sector leading to the well-being of populations at the national and international level.



Enabling discovery and facilitating accessibility to technologies
and efficient products for the well-being of the population.


General Objective :

Bringing health care professionals together and establishing an
strategic partnership platform for the improvement of the quality of the
services and the dissemination of innovative products in Africa.


Sub-themes :

- The Quality System and Good Dispensing Practices for a
ISO certification of pharmacies.
- The new businesses of the Pharmaceuticals Sector and its derivatives.
- Quality System and Pharmacovigilance for a property.