General Objective

To make Côte d'Ivoire the crossroads par excellence of health and to promote exchanges, skills and know-how within the framework of South-South and North-South cooperation, with a view to contributing to the improvement of the coverage of the needs of the medical sector and to boost the inclusive and sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry, to meet the increase in health needs, in the context of the implementation of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Specific objective

- To create an environment conducive to health professionals for prospecting, training and partner search.

- To present to prescribers and dispensers, new trends and technological innovations in the field of health, such as E-Health.

-Improving the Health, Beauty and Well-being care offer.

- Achieving self-sufficiency in local pharmaceutical production within the framework of the Abidjan Declaration for the development of local and regional pharmaceutical industrialization.