The medical and pharmaceutical fields are booming with the organization of numerous international meetings, forums and exhibitions involving the active participation of African countries. However, many participants pointed out that the themes and technologies discussed are not in line with the development of the health sector in Africa. Within the framework of this forum, particular emphasis is placed on South-South and North-South cooperation.


This state of affairs, which impacts the development of health professions and solutions to the specific needs of African populations, has led to the creation of an annual fair for the exchange of skills and intelligence by the promoter, Dr BOUBOUTOU-KABORE Linda C., pharmacist.


The second edition aimed to federate all the players in the health sector into a single platform. As a result, it was named AFRICA HEALTH EXPO 2019.

The theme was: "The quality approach at the service of the development of health systems and well-being".

Thus, AFRICA SANTE EXPO is the vision shared between Ellypse and the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene which led to the signing of a Public-Private Partnership, thus allowing, like the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism, the MSHP to be able to organize annually the Great Health Week.

From 7 to 9 February 2019, Côte d'Ivoire was a great crossroads of health, beauty and well-being by the visit of 7500 participants from 34 countries and 05 continents, more than 1000 people screened free of charge etc..

It was a platform for meeting :

  • government and institutional decision-makers
  • managers and health professionals to share experiences and Good Practices internationally.

The digital revolution and the digital transformation in the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, which are the most frequent factors of innovation, have been explored.


A focus on the deficit in pharmaceutical industries in the ECOWAS zone led to the preparatory work for the Abidjan Declaration, which aims to fill this gap and thus provide better access to quality health products.



AFRICA SANTE EXPO 2020, third edition, remains in the same dynamic of research and promotion of relevant and efficient technological innovations adapted to our realities in order to face the reality of "medical deserts".

Also the themes of :

  • access to health care for all, what reform for better health in Africa?
  • Prevention of microbial and chronic diseases
  • Resistance to antimicrobial treatments
  • Objective zero malaria in 2030
  • From plant to drug
  • Connected health: a miracle in the fight against medical deserts and counterfeiting?
  • Hygiene standards and colourism