• Hospital Reform
  • Evolution of the pharmacist's role in the ecosystem of health professionals
  • Resistance to antimicrobial treatment and advice to the pharmacy
  • Food Safety




  • Pharmaceutical Subcontracting or the "Contract-manufacturing" paradigm / interest in local production of generic drugs and Improved Traditional Medicines
  • Technology transfer and innovation.
  • Traditional medicine: From craft to industry...Intellectual property: how to protect the rights of our researchers and traditional practitioners.
  • Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices to combat counterfeiting and falsification of medicines and cosmetic products
  • The role of National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agencies (NRAs) in the development of the local and regional industry.
  • Human Resources: what are the gaps in the local and regional Pharmaceutical Industry?
  • Biotechnology: What are the recent advances? Is there a future for Africa
  • Financing Local Industry: reflection on a mechanism involving private, public, institutional and mixed resources (Public Private Partnership) Example of a success story in West Africa




  • Active substances and medicinal plants: which industrial process to obtain improved traditional medicines? 
  • Modern and traditional mechanisms of the transition from plant to medicine
  • Improved Traditional Medicine as the finality of the transformation of the plant into a medicine: Utopia or Reality
  • Collaboration between Traditional Medicine and Conventional Medicine for the reduction of mother-child mortality.
  • Integration of traditional medicine modules into the curriculum of health science students
  • West African Pharmacopoeia
  • Intellectual Property






  1. How to live better and longer in the 21st century - plenary session
  2. The board combines allopathy and natural medicines
  3. Impact of medicinal plant harvesting on biodiversity
  4. Mangrove preservation and our survival
  5. Endangered species of medicinal plants
  6. Nature and well-being: the importance of aromatherapy in relaxation
  7. Nature and health: Our plate and our health: fruits, vegetables, starch and oils
  8. Physical and chemical characteristics of vegetable fats and their use in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries
  9. What can we expect from the use of Artemisa Annua extracts in the management of malaria?




  • Connected health to meet the challenges of our health organizations: North-South feedback (CATEL/WHO)
  • Blockchain and other technological innovations in the fight against counterfeit drugs
  • shared medical record and digital health record
  • telemedicine in the fight against medical deserts: teleconsultation, telemonitoring, tele-expertise; limits and responsibilities of actors
  • Regulatory framework and regulation of e-health and e-pharmacy: state of play
  • health professionals and E-reputation







  • Hair and scalp pathologies
  • Care (oil difference)
  • Which oil to use for his ritual?
  • Beauty ritual: butter or vegetable oil


  • Hygiene standards in hairdressing and beauty salons
  • Building customer loyalty and boosting turnover